News posted on 4 March 2015


As of now, Isis Gallery ceases to exist. Everything we do will now come under the auspices of John Marchant Gallery. Please find our new website here. Facebook is here, Twitter is here, and you can find us on Instagram under johnmarchantgallery ¡Venceremos!

On A Plate For You: Martin Erik Andersen

News posted on 20 October 2014


On A Plate For You, the first installation in the UK by the renowned Danish artist Martin Erik Andersen since early 2011, will take place at the Regency Town House in Brighton, opening November 22nd. Featuring multiple sculptural explorations installed against the raw beauty of the venue, On A Plate For you will be a wonderful opportunity to experience Andersen's schema-defying and wonderfully heterogeneous installations. This exhibition benefits from the kind assistance of the Danish Arts Foundation. You can read the press release here.

Time For Magic: Jamie Reid

News posted on 16 May 2014


Time For Magic: Jamie Reid
Public opening Summer Solstice
21st June 3pm - 7pm
Isis Gallery at Regency Town House, Brighton
21st June - 6th July
Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm

Isis Gallery is very pleased and proud to present at the Regency Town House in Brighton a new installation of work by the world renowned British artist Jamie Reid (b.Croydon, 1947). Time For Magic features ritualistic hangings and objects arranged around a tipi - a shelter, a community space, a condensed Temporary Autonomous Zone. Within the tipi sits the Eight Fold Year book, an instruction manual and guide to the mysterium. Including work from the late 80’s to the present, Time For Magic sits within a sequence of installations by Reid that combine the old and the new, ignoring the rules of ‘market’ and the need for fresh product. Certain totemic hangings - including Universal Majesty Verity Love Infinite (1989, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 234 x 237 cm) - have been used both in rituals and exhibitions, attesting to their power and gaining energy as they accumulate age. Further information is available here.

The Impossible Garden: Harry Adams

News posted on 26 February 2014

The Impossible Garden 2014, Oil, charcoal and beeswax encaustic on cotton
covered board, 183 x 366cm: Harry Adams

22nd March - 6th April
Public view Saturday 22nd March 3pm - 7pm

Please join us for the first in a series of exhibitions curated by Isis Gallery at the beautiful Regency Town House in Brighton's Brunswick Square. The Impossible Garden is a presentation of new paintings by Harry Adams, the artistic construct of Steve Lowe and Adam Woods. Using a principal register of oil, charcoal and beeswax encaustic on canvas, Harry Adams extraordinary paintings address themes of power, nature, interruption and struggle with rare verve.

This exhibition of recent paintings features a range of subjects and scales. Often Harry Adams paintings exhibit replacements and alterations, scrapings and sketchings, while subject matter includes enough force and doom to reveal the hands of terminal romantics. One of Blake’s Proverbs of Hell states ‘You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.’ Often with HA this line is crossed with an agreement that “enough is enough” and the work ceases. You can find further information and read the press release here.

Isis Two

News posted on 31 January 2014

JC-and-Elio-dancing-on-the-roof%2C-Brooklyn%2C-2013.jpg JC and Elio dancing on the roof, Brooklyn, 2013: Nan Goldin

Our quarterly magazine Isis Two is now online, and we're very pleased to offer exclusive interviews with Nan Goldin, Vivienne Dick and Adam Chodzko plus a commissioned edition by Harry Adams. Click here...

Isis at London Art Fair Art Projects 15th-19th Jan

News posted on 8 January 2014

HA%20LAF%202.jpgGreat Grain Elevator (2013), Oil, charcoal and encaustic on cotton covered board, 152.5 x 244cm: Harry Adams

We're very pleased to announce our first participation in the London Art Fair 15th-19th Jan stand no. P17. We'll be in the Art Projects section and showing paintings by Harry Adams and sculptures by Martin Griffiths. Victoria Halford and Steve Beard will also be participating in the curated film programme. Please contact us for complimentary passes.

Alice O'Malley: Community of Elsewheres, Bologna

News posted on 22 October 2013

Jack Waters NYC (2012), silver gelatin print: Alice O'Malley

We're really pleased to announce the opening of Alice O'Malley's Community Of Elsewheres in Bologna as a feature of the Gender Bender arts festival programme from 23rd October - 8th November. "ONO Arte Contemporanea presents Alice O’Malley: Community of Elsewheres, the first solo exhibition in Italy by the American photographer who is known for her portraits of New York’s most notorious downtown personalities. Her subjects are the artists, eccentrics, and visionaries that inhabit this 21st century demi-monde. They are part of a new ecology, transcending gender and time." Read more from the press release here

We're also very pleased to announce that at last we have the final run of stock on Alice's wonderful, rare and talismanic Community Of Elsewheres book (48pp hardcover clothbound with eighteen black and white plates). You can purchase a copy here.

Isis One

News posted on 30 September 2013

Solar Flare 2013, Rayograph on Ilford matt photographic multigrade paper, 16cm x 24cm

We are really pleased to announce the launch of Isis Gallery Magazine to coincide with the Autumn Equinox. This is a new venture that expands our horizons, looking at art and artists whose work intrigues us, and hopefully you too. We aim to include interviews, historical information, film works, sound and some more left field material that you may not have come across before. We shall endeavour to keep Isis Gallery Magazine light in tone and broad in interest. Issue One contains exclusive interviews with Mariko Mori and Christopher Kline, plus an extraordinary film and text by David and Stuart Wise, and an exclusive edition work by Fabrice Cazenave (as above). Issue Two will publish on the Winter Solstice.

Ragged Kingdom: Jamie Reid at Parco Gallery X, Tokyo Sept 14th - Oct 14th

News posted on 12 September 2013

Universal Majesty Verity Love Infinite (1989)
Gouache on unmounted canvas, 230cm x 230cm by Jamie Reid

Jamie Reid's Ragged Kingdom show opens at Parco Gallery X on Friday 13th September. Conceived in collaboration with fashion label X-Large who launch their Jamie Reid capsule collection next week, Parco play host to an array of archive work from 1970 to the present. You can find out more on our Facebook page.

Kingdom of Dirt: Martin Erik Andersen + Special Guest Stars

News posted on 21 August 2013


The Assault Against Christ and The Four Apostles by The False Moon and Her Legions(2013)
Pastel and ink on paper, 210mm x 297mm by David Tibet

Martin Erik Andersen's new show Kingdom of Dirt opens at Galleri Susan Ottesen in Copenhagen on Friday 23rd August. Described as "...an open installational field between the conventional solo exhibition and the curated group exhibition", Kingdom of Dirt is an arena for interchange and dialogue between works by internationally renowned artists (or, as Martin likes to call them Special Guest Stars!) including Franz West and Louise Bourgeois, Lawrence Weiner, Sarah Lucas, Judith Hopf and David Tibet. You can read the full press release here.

Pre-enactments by Victoria Halford and Steve Beard

News posted on 20 June 2013


‘It was in the year 2012 that we went into the retail parks of England. Here were the new deserts on the outskirts of the towns and cities, the non-places, devoid of history and culture. Here were the blank spaces on Google Maps, the dead zones with barely decipherable names.’
Preface to Pre-enactments

And so begins the declaration of intent – to journey to the consumer non-places of English culture to pre-enact the end times. Here, visions of Ranters, Diggers, Seekers and Fifth Monarchists, joined with the Angry Brigade, King Mob, and Occupy, gave rise to images of dissident writings stamped into the architectural fabric of drive-through retail parks. Presented as tokens of things to come, Victoria Halford’s and Steve Beard’s series of images are an invitation, or perhaps an incitement, to break apart these amnesiac zones of consumption, to remake them into crucibles of social transformation warmed by the distant flames of urban riot and revolt.

Pre-enactments by Victoria Halford & Steve Beard is published by Book Works as part of Common Objectives, guest edited by Nina Power; edition of 1,000 copies; 56 pages; 27 b/w images, soft cover; designed by A Practice for Everyday Life; 210 x 260 mm; ISBN 978 1 906012 48 9 – Price £8.00. Read the full press release and purchase Pre-enactments here.

Switch On Something - Light Up The State

News posted on 6 March 2013


Light up the State – Switch On Something (1973)
Pen and gouache with collage on paper mounted on board, 133mm x 141mm by Jamie Reid

We are very pleased to report that Jamie Reid is included alongside Liam Gillick and the mighty Scott King in Rob Tufnell's new curatorial project Love In A Cold Climate, which opens Friday 8th March at S1 Artspace in Sheffield. You can read the press release here.

We have also been assisting in preparations for the forthcoming group show of functional artist objects Wood Glass Paper which opens Wednesday March 20th at Galleria Alessandra Bonomo in Rome. This will include work by Neal Jones, Gary Hume, Sol LeWitt, Alighiero Boetti and Richard Tuttle.

In The On-Offs: Hans de Wit at De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, 13th January - 3rd March

News posted on 8 January 2013


'the is-field' 2012, 21 wax elements, each 15 x 15 x 8cm approx

About ten years ago Hans de Wit (Eindhoven, 1952) abandoned painting and began to focus on drawing. Since then he has been producing drawings, in charcoal and pastel, that can rival a substantial painting in terms of size. Aside from six of these works, De Wit's exhibition in the project space includes a number of preparatory studies in which he experiments with the possibilities of his instruments and materials....While cycling from Maastricht to Liège, in the mooring posts along the Quai de Caster he discerned the human form that he had been seeking. They stood there in a row like motionless and anonymous guards, submerged to their shoulders in the ground, gazing at the water. The same mooring-post shape was the point of departure for a number of wax models that are being shown for the first time in this exhibition. One of them has, in front of its face, a megaphone which directs and defines the line of sight. Unbiased and careful observation is one thing, but contemplating that which is observed is another....You can read the whole press release here.

Ruth Marten 'A Treasure Hunt In A Lazar House' 13th Dec - 19th Jan, London

News posted on 18 November 2012


Rococo 2012, Ink and collage with mylar on vintage print, 20.1cm x 15.cm

We are extremely pleased to announce the opening of Ruth Marten's first show in London for four years. 'A Treasure Hunt In A Lazar House' will open in Bermondsey, London on December 13th.

Arranged literally as a treasure hunt amongst the fine prints on offer at London’s wonderful vintage print store Pure & Applied, Ruth Marten’s elegantly lubricious work is a joyful encounter. Using 17th-19th century prints from the flea markets of NYC as starting points, Marten looks for a hidden narrative and draws it out with super-subtle collaging, rearrangement, the finest hand with pen and ink and a lightness of touch that corresponds to John Heartfield’s proclaimed “tiny spot of colour” needed to turn a work into “art of a special kind”. Details and press release here.

The Others Art Fair, Turin 9th - 11th November

News posted on 2 November 2012


Untitled # 20 (from the Unexpected series) 2011, watercolour, ink, pencil, fabric and razor blade on paper, 210 x 297mm by Hans de Wit

We are delighted to be participating in The Others Art Fair in Turin this November. We shall be exhibiting work by a number of Isis artists plus one guest. Above is an example of the sequence of 'Unexpected' works on paper by acclaimed Dutch artist Hans de Wit (b. 1952). Recent recipient of the newly established EPOS Drawing Prize, de Wit's work here echoes with the metallic whispers of Paul Nash and de Chirico. Usually working at an extreme scale and with meticulous detail, de Wit produced this series of drawings as a tonic - looser and yet more occulted.

We are also extremely pleased to be exhibiting drawings by Fabrice Cazenave (France 1975), Voodoo Science Park (video, 25 mins, 2009) by Victoria Halford and Steve Beard (UK 1966 and 1961 respectively) plus archive work by world renowned iconoclast and provocateur Jamie Reid (UK 1947). We shall also be offering new works on paper by 'Harry Adams' the collaborative expression for Adam Woods and Steve Lowe (age indeterminate).

Martin Erik Andersen at Cutlog, Paris 18th - 21st October

News posted on 20 September 2012


Petit Jardin (sous les pavés la plage) I (2012) - proposal sketch for outside of Bourse, Paris

We are very pleased to announce that Martin Erik Andersen (DK) will be creating a special installation outside the Cutlog Art Fair in Paris 18th - 21st October.

The streets of Paris are world renowned for their beauty and for their revolutions. For the Cutlog art fair, Martin Erik Andersen (DK b. 1964) in association with Isis Gallery (UK) will sculpturally arrange the planting of a small tree outside the Bourse in honour of both of these beautiful aspects. The tree will feature Andersen’s familiar register of materials in support of this young tree - steel supports, plaster, wire, wax, cigarette ash... The work will be created spontaneously from found and gathered materials within close quarters of the installation site. Andersen will also curate and install a mirroring work within the Isis gallery stand at the fair which will feature a twin tree, setting up a mysterious tension between the two locations. In addition, Andersen has invited David Tibet to participate in setting this environment, with a sequence of extraordinary new drawings. Tibet's most recent exhibition was at White Columns, New York.

Berliner Liste 2012, Sept 13th to 16th

News posted on 10 September 2012


Alice O'Malley: Kenny Kenny Feather Hat, NYC 2009 silver gelatin print

Isis Gallery is delighted to announce our first participation at Berliner Liste 2012 from 13th to 16th September, with a special preview Sept 12th 6pm.

We will be exhibiting photographic portraits by Alice O'Malley (NYC) for the first time in Berlin, unique and editioned works on paper by Martin Erik Andersen (DK), wonderful new interventions on vintage etchings by Ruth Marten (NYC) and the first screening in Germany for UK artists Victoria Halford and Steve Beard's extraordinary and compelling video work Voodoo Science Park (2009).

Jamie Reid: Free Pussy Riot

News posted on 11 August 2012


Please like, forward, steal, tweet, print out and paste up, whatever works.

You can also download a high resolution file here.

Victoria Halford and Steve Beard

News posted on 21 May 2012


Voodoo Science Park (2009, 25 mins) by Victoria Halford and Steve Beard - installation image.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the film makers Victoria Halford and Steve Beard are joining Isis. Renowned for their richly seamed and poetic Voodoo Science Park (2009, 25 mins), Halford and Beard are currently making a film about the end of the world, set in the bunkers of Jersey. Please find more information about the artists and Voodoo Science Park here.

Drawing Now, Paris March 29th - April 1st

News posted on 9 March 2012


Island Lepers - sheets I & II (2012), Ink, watercolour and collage on vintage Intaglio print, Ruth Marten

We are extremely pleased to be exhibiting again at Drawing Now in Paris. Please find further information here. We shall be exhibiting new work by Ruth Marten, Fabrice Cazenave, Hans de Wit and Sarah V. Please contact us for complimentary passes as we have a limited number available.

Jamie Reid at Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles

News posted on 9 March 2012


For the first project of what will be another busy year for Jamie, Ragged Kingdom opens at Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Projects gallery space on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Further details available here.

Triple Major Nomad Store

News posted on 20 January 2012


Isis Gallery and Triple-Major of Beijing are very pleased and excited to present Nomad Store in London during London Fashion Week February 16th to 23rd, 2012.

Triple-Major is a Beijing based multi-disciplinary project helmed by Ritchie Chan that beautifully encapsulates the exciting global worldview of young Chinese people today. Although essentially a fashion collective producing their own collections and presenting them internationally, Triple-Major is very concept driven and invites international artists to install work in their three story space in the old hutong district of this most exciting of 21st Century cities. Additionally they helm the Nomad Store, which appears in different cities across the world. Previous emergings have included Los Angeles (Jul 29th-Aug 14th 2011), Shanghai (Jan 11th-Jan 22nd 2010) and Hong Kong (Nov 24th-Nov 30th 2010). This is the first time that Nomad Store has come to London, in a perfect clash with London Fashion Week.

Please read more about this exciting project here.

Jamie Reid 'Out Of The Dross - Liberty' 8th Dec-14th Jan

News posted on 1 December 2011


Out Of The Dross, 2011
Unique screenprint on Somerset Radiant White Velvet 330 GSM paper
112 x 72cm

Please note: This exhibition will take place at Paul Stolper Gallery, 31 Museum St, London WC1A 1LH

We are extremely pleased to announce the forthcoming collaboration with Paul Stolper Gallery, London - Jamie Reidʼs exhibition ʻOut Of The Dross - Libertyʼ. The show is made up of unique works on paper together with sequences of hand-screened works
that are perfectly in time with the energetic cacophony of now. In an increasingly visual world
the power of the graphic image to define a moment is clear. As political and social reform
movements undermine and confront moribund systems of fiscal and cultural entrapment it
seems the time is now for artists to step forward. Indeed there has been precious little
response from the art community to the crises that surround us...

You can read the full press release here.

Jamie Reid - Peace is Tough, London 27th Oct - 20th Nov

News posted on 23 October 2011


Last Days (1972)
Print on gummed paper
10cm x 17.4cm

27th October – 20th November 2011, Bear Pit, Park St, London SE1

Private View 26th October 6pm-9pm

Isis Gallery and Merge Festival are extremely pleased to announce the opening of Jamie Reid – ‘Peace Is Tough’.

Hot on the heels of Reid’s wonderful Ragged Kingdom installation for Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot in June, Peace Is Tough revolves around two polarities – one being principal elements of the Jamie Reid Archive which has recently been exhibited at the CCBB in Rio and MoCA in Los Angeles. The second being a presentation of the 365 paintings that comprise the core of Reid expansive and delightful Eightfold Year project. Read more here.

You can also see a sequence of installation images here.

Isis at Bear Pit, London 14-16 Oct and Cutlog, Paris 20-23 Oct

News posted on 30 September 2011


Isis will be at two events over the coming two weeks - please do try to join us for at least one of them! The first is a group show at a wonderful, raw venue called The Bear Pit just behind Tate Modern on the South Bank in London. This event will run concurrently with Frieze and is very close for those visiting the Gerhard Richter show. This event is organised in association with L-13 and Carter Presents. We will be showing work by Ruth Marten, Martin Erik Andersen, Alice O'Malley and Martin Griffiths. Further details here.

The second is the third edition of the Cutlog art fair in Paris. A great variety of galleries from all over the world, including China, Japan, USA, Germany, Italy and France will be exhibiting at the Bourse in Paris during FIAC. Isis will be showing in association with L-13. Artists include Alice O'Malley, Fabrice Cazenave and Ruth Marten. Further details here.

Fabrice Cazenave - Drawing under hypnosis

News posted on 26 July 2011


French artist Fabrice Cazenave (1975) has now undertaken a fascinating project for which he has been searching for a willing accomplice. Parisian hypnotherapist Jean-Francois Hirsch recently agreed to take the artist into a hypnotic trance to open up a new area of exploration. Cazenave has extensively drawn 'blind' with his eyes closed, expressing particular experiences and their relation to the inner body through marks on paper, using his touch to both map the space and chose the hardness or softness of pencil to use. Here Cazenave goes even deeper, removing himself yet further from the controlling influence of both gaze and premeditation. You can find out more about the artist, watch footage from the sessions and see the extraordinary results here.

Ragged Kingdom - Jamie Reid July 2nd - July 30th

News posted on 11 May 2011


Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot, 1-3 Wenlock Road, London N1 7SL

July 2nd – July 30th 2011
Gallery open Noon-6pm
Preview: Friday July 1st 6-9pm
Ye of the Plough, Ye of the Bower,
Ye of the Mill and Ye of the Tower,
Ye of the Way and Ye of the Tree,
Ye of the Stars and Ye of the Sea,
Rise Up to the Cry of the Commoners Storie,
Our Ragged Kingdom - a Kingdom of Glory!

Anon (Trad)

Jamie Reid is world renowned for his work with the Sex Pistols, but there is so much more than this. Reid’s collaboration on the Suburban Press (1971-1975) was an early coalescing of his political convictions and artistic intuition, and his output after the implosion of the Pistols extended his artistic drive through many genres - music, publishing, performance. After a long creative residency at the Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch and three years as visual art director for Afro Celt Sound System, he has for the last ten years, immersed himself in a daily painting practice to explore and reveal the Aspects of the Eightfold Year (www.eightfoldyear.org).


Ragged Kingdom installation view by Declan O'Neil

Ragged Kingdom will manifest as a Peace Camp in our midst - a place to pow-wow. Eight custom-made tipis with magickal adornments will be drawn up into a protective circle with a ritual space at its axis. Tipis traditionally represent Shelter, Wonderment, Harmony, Peace, Beauty and Community. For Ragged Kingdom, each tipi will be a world in itself, internally representing eight aspects of Reid’s career to date – Suburban Press, The Cat Book, Sex Pistols, How To Become Invisible, Afrocelt/Visual Stress, Strongroom, a Festival of Sleeves and the Eightfold Year.

The exterior of Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot will feature a giant montage of selected posters, glyphs and symbols by Jamie Reid.


Ragged Kingdom/Pay No Poll Tax, 2011, 100 x 70 cm on 310 gsm Hahnemuhle Satin Photo Rag with acrylic screen print, Signed, numbered and titled by the artist

Additionally six special editions of unique overscreened prints by Jamie Reid have been co-published with L-13 and are available to view and purchase along with signed poster editions here.

Trajector Art Fair, Brussels April 30th/May 1st

News posted on 26 April 2011


Tabboo! NYC, (2008), Silver gelatin print, Alice O'Malley

Isis will participate in the Trajector Art Fair in Brussels over the weekend April 30th/May 1st during the forthcoming Brussels Art Fair. This satellite event takes place at the Hotel Bloom. "In part a celebration and playful game with the role of non-profit organisations, project spaces and independent curators within the art commerce systems, Trajector takes the original concept and reconfigures it as a hotel art fair in Brussels' top design hotel. Tongue-in-cheek, critique or hardcore commercial? That's largely up to the participants and audience to determine." Trajector 2011

Isis will present work by Alice O'Malley, Jamie Reid, Fabrice Cazenave, Martin Erik Andersen, Hans de Wit, Ruth Marten and Martin Griffiths in a freeform presentation entitled Confessions Of A Radical Traditionalist.

We were also extremely interested to read the response of Archedeacon of North West Europe John de Wit (no relation but also art historian and former Ashmolean curator) to Martin Griffiths' First Light installation, which you can read here, accompanied by some installation images by Richard Deveraux.

Jamie Reid - Art In The Streets MoCA Los Angeles

News posted on 9 April 2011


God Save The Queen - Swastika Eyes (1977), Newsprint collage with ink on paper, 420mm x 297mm, Jamie Reid (Private collection Houston, TX)

We are very pleased to announce Jamie Reid's participation in the forthcoming Art In The Streets extravaganza at the newly Jeffrey Deitch'ed Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles 17th April - 8th August 2011. Over a dozen extremely important original works will be on show - including the Ransom Note and Swastika Eyes (above) God Save The Queen collages. Other artists include Charlie Ahearn, Futura, Gordon Matta-Clark and Jean-Michel Basquiat. There is an extensive interview with Jamie in a special issue of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Further items from the Jamie Reid Archive will also be on view at the forthcoming exhibition Live! Art & Rock That Changed History at the Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Pecci in Prato, Italy 22nd May - 7th August 2011.

Drawing Now/Salon du Dessin Contemporain, Paris March 25-28th

News posted on 21 March 2011


Untitled (humeurs I) (2011), Charcoal, pencil, pastel, 30 x 40 cm, Fabrice Cazenave

Isis ventures to Paris this week for the Drawing Now/Salon du Dessin Contemporain Art Fair at the Carrousel du Louvre. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see recent works on paper by Fabrice Cazenave (Paris), Hans de Wit (Eindhoven) and Ruth Marten (NYC) - and to meet them to discuss their work as they will all be attending throughout the fair.

Additionally we shall have a limited number of guest passes to the fair which we will be happy to distribute on a first come-first served basis. Email us at contact@isisgallery.org if you wish to attend.

Martin Griffiths' First Light

News posted on 10 February 2011

We are extremely pleased to announce the opening on March 1st of Martin Griffiths' First Light installation at Lincoln Cathedral.


First Light installation view at the Cloisters, Lincoln Cathedral 2011

Meticulously conceived and precision engineered to very fine tolerances, First Light will be Griffiths most ambitious sculptural work to date, both in terms of scale and aesthetic reach. Martin describes the project thus: ' First Light, a new eight piece light sculpture installation sourced by natural energy, has been inspired by the beautiful Cloister at Lincoln Cathedral, and by the aspirations of the original cathedral builders. Emerging naturally from the form, dimensions and rhythms of the architecture, it extends these into the medium of light.

The work presents contemplative encounters with the horizontal and vertical directions of space in a composition or radiant light-lines which is intended to build, like a piece of music, to a culminating experience of light, taking the viewer through a progression of metaphysical states: introspection, ascension and expansive outward focus.

This movement of focus is accompanied by a journey of upwardly de-materialising light effects. In passing through and circulating amongst the elements of the installation, the viewer will experience firstly absorbed light, then reflected and transparent-tinted light, and finally pure transmitted light.

As natural light flows through the work, it will give different experiences at different times of day, lighting up at sunrise and extinguishing itself at sunset.'

You can read more about the conception and development of this project by reading Martin's diary entries and viewing photographs and engineering drawings here.

Visiting hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm. Sunday 1pm-3pm. Admission is included within the Cathedral entry charge.

News From Nowhere - November 2010

News posted on 16 November 2010

We are extremely pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of Martin Erik Andersen 'matter and mind - slipping through our fingers' from December 16th to February 6th. This is the award winning Danish artist's first solo show in the UK.

This exhibition is a co-operative action for Isis with Sprovieri in London, who will host the installation. You can find out more details and read the press release here. As always, everyone is welcome to attend the preview on December 15th.


Martin Erik Andersen installation view courtesy Galleri Riis, Oslo

Jamie Reid's ambitious and rewarding Eightfold Year online project is now up and running. This exploration of the Druidic lunar calendar offers a new painting for each day of the year, with moon phases, seasonal plant information, festivals and so forth. This project promises to grow in reach and content as the year turns through the seasons and is co-managed by Isis.


We would also like to draw your attention to a special live performance by Simon Fisher Turner of Derek Jarman's Blue at the Duke of York's in Brighton on Wednesday 1st December - World AIDS Day. 'The viewer is immersed in a field of blue light, pure cobalt blue, to fully focus on the soundtrack as Jarman free associates around the artistic, philosophical and metaphysical meanings of blue - sky, water, flowers, a boy named Blue, sadness, the infinite - connecting them to his life and body of work. As the blueness of the screen seems to pulse, the evocative sound collage from longtime musical collaborator Simon Fisher Turner provides the film’s narrative, its pictures and its emotional core.'

Simon Fisher Turner and Alyson Shotz have also recently collaborated on a beautiful installation at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Houston, Texas.

News From Nowhere - September 2010

News posted on 14 September 2010


Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with the great and mighty NY legend Alan Vega, to discuss plans for next year’s first ever exhibition of his work with us here in the UK (and play some amazing dates with Suicide and Iggy & The Stooges on the side). Alan has a long career in the visual arts, working with pivotal NY gallerists Ivan Karp, Barbara Gladstone and Jefffrey Deitch in the process. We took the opportunity to make a short film with Nick Abrahams, which you can see here. We will keep you posted for location and dates.


The Jamie Reid Archive is a repository for many wonderful things – work amassed by Jamie from 1968 to the present, encompassing early Suburban Press agit-prop press work, right through the Sex Pistols maelstrom and on through theatrical and esoteric explorations to the present day. Jamie and Isis are involved in an ongoing cataloguing process and monograph project that will be promoted through web and print in the coming year. In the meantime, we are very pleased to offer some selected items from the archive for sale - principally items from the Sex Pistols period. You can browse these items here. All of these items are straight from Jamie’s archive. These items are available exclusively through Isis and not available anywhere else.


We shall soon be announcing a very exciting collaboration for Isis with an internationally-renowned London gallery to present Danish artist Martin Erik Andersen’s first solo exhibition in the UK. We are also very pleased to offer these editioned works on paper for the first time in the UK. Martin’s ritualistic and quixotic work is beautifully represented by these pieces, which you can see here.


From early collaboration with Jon Savage to recent purchase by the Saatchi Collection, Ruth Marten’s exquisite and elegant turns of visual phrase are suffused with what Dominic Nahas succinctly nailed as ‘erotic effervescence’, Ruth has recently turned some of her most popular détournements of small eighteenth century prints into large editioned prints. You can view a selection of these here.


Lastly, but perhaps most wonderfully, we are very pleased to announce a new working relationship with the young Paris-based artist Fabrice Cazenave, whose extraordinarily adamantine drawings we first exhibited in the group show Gone to Earth in 2009. Since then he has produced a sequence of exquisite series that are testament to his emerging talent. Fabrice is also now working on illustrations for the quintessential French fashion house Givenchy.

News From Nowhere

News posted on 24 May 2010

As we are working on a number of off-site projects at the moment we would like to update you on events in a slightly different format to our regular e-mailouts.


Storme DeLarverie, Chelsea Hotel (2010)
Silver gelatin print
Alice O'Malley

Alice O'Malley is featured in Greater New York, which has just opened at MoMA/PS1 in Queens NYC. Alice writes of the above image "The image of Storme has a prominent place in the gallery... she's at the head of the table. Storme is 89. She threw the first punch at a police officer during the Stonewall Riots. She was a Big Band singer and the only female member of the legendary drag troupe, the Jewel Box Revue. This photo was taken in March at the Chelsea Hotel where Storme lived for 31 years before she was moved last month to a nursing home against her will." Storme is our Hero for Spring.

You can see more images from this series here.

Additionally, Alice was selected by Lou Reed for his curatorial contribution to the recent New York Photo Festival

Martin Erik Andersen is currently working on a new project with the assistance of London's Freud Museum. We have now uploaded two films - one a short interview with Martin done during the installation of the exhibition The Veil in November 2009, (with Paul Reid), and the other an artist film entitled Home Is Where The Buffalo Roam (1996), for which Martin has supplied the conditions of production which are of considerable interest to those following his practice.

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World Without End - Hans de Wit

News posted on 30 December 2009


Ahab (2009)
Pastel and pencil on paper
150 x 280cm

Jan 9th - Feb 20th 2010
Private view Friday Jan 8th 6pm-9pm

Looking at the work of Dutch artist Hans de Wit (1952) is a dizzying, exhilarating experience. These drawings hit you in a number of ways at once - organic and inorganic forms colliding, morphing, deteriorating, pushing, pulsing, falling and twisting; the scale is often huge, and then there’s the rush of howling sound. As we move closer to enjoy these visions that somehow recall the epic gestures of John Martin (1789), we begin to recognise elements; the dark and threatening hull of a submarine, a bushbaby...a gonad?... getting lost in the distance from edge to edge of the paper and the depth of the artist’s imagination.

De Wit moved his practice from painting to drawing some years back in a bid for figurative clarity and depth that was hard to capture in oil. Since then he has steadily built a major body of work that has been exhibited and collected widely in his home country. Exhibiting superlative technical facility combined with the most extraordinary visual ingenuity results in works that allow us, in these times, a rare sense of wonder and draw us into a ‘labyrinth of endlessly significant complexity’ (The Doors of Perception - Aldous Huxley, 1954).

Isis gallery is very pleased to host this, Hans de Wit’s first exhibition in the UK.

The Veil - New work by Martin Erik Andersen and Paul Reid

News posted on 4 November 2009

Isis Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new space and a new exhibition – The Veil - an exhibition of new work by Paul Reid and Martin Erik Andersen. The exhibition opens on November 20th 2009 from 6-9pm and will be on public view from November 21st to December 19th 2009.

For his first exhibition with Isis, Scottish artist Paul Reid (1975) will show a body of new paintings which are a continuation of his exploration of myth and classicist technique with graphite, ink and oil paint.

Also exhibiting with Isis for the first time, Danish artist Martin Erik Andersen (1964) will exhibit two recent works which expand his well-established language and process of accretion – yarn, metal, electrical elements, paper...

The Veil refers to the veil of consciousness which needs to be drawn back to see the true Meaning of Things beyond conception. The apparent differences between Reid and Andersen are stark. Reid’s works are a fascinating exploration of nominally obselete sacred narrative and technique. In the vernacular of contemporary art, Reid’s objectives in this timely display of painterly skill may remain a mystery to the viewer.

In contrast, the materiality of Andersen’s work resonates within our own time – spatial, artful and poetic. Yet, of course there are narratives to be discovered in Andersen’s works also - there are multiple moments to be encountered which create layered and polyvalent spaces for meaning. They point beyond language and to a space that exists beyond formal register of the works themselves.

In exhibiting Reid’s and Andersen’s work together The Veil performs an act of alchemical conjunction. On the surface the radical visual dissimilarity between each artist’s work makes them appear strange and uneasy bedfellows. However, The Veil focuses on the antinomies and incongruities that lie behind and unite these two seemingly diverse artistic practices. It offers an opportunity to see and understand how artistic meaning is generated and approached. It is precisely this question that is revealed when the veil of forms and material things is pulled back.

Isis Editions presents The Great God Pan (2009) by Paul Reid

News posted on 4 November 2009

Isis Editions is very pleased to announce the publication of Paul Reid's first editioned work, printed and produced in association with London Print Studio.

The Great God Pan (2009) is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 25 and is hand printed on 385mm x 280mm 300 gsm Somerset paper with a plate size of 240mm x 170mm.

» For more information and to purchase, visit Isis Editions.


News posted on 1 November 2009

Those within striking distance of Rome may be interested to visit David Tibet's exhibition 'Docetica!' at MOTELSALIERI until 28th November. This exhibition features work from the Invocation Of Hallucinatory Mountain cycle of work, previously seen at Isis London.

"I paint apocalypse cartoons and call prayers to God. I use coloured pastel and white ink on black paper. I have depicted how I see and love and fear the world around me and the world to come for me. I have pictured the back of the stars tremble and fall. I have written all the night and its names. I have turned cats into comets. I have stood at the Hallucinatory Mountain, full of trouble and colours, and seen the Kingdom of Heaven roaring like a lamb." God is Love, David Tibet, Hastings, September 17, 2009.

David's work has also recently entered the collection of the wonderful new Museum of Everything in London.

Installation image of 'Doctica!' David Tibet at MOTELSALIERI, Rome

Hans de Wit joins Isis Gallery

News posted on 28 September 2009

We are extremely pleased to announce that the renowned Dutch artist Hans de Wit will be joining Isis Gallery. He is a master draughtsman with a most singular vision whose works are held in the collections of major European institutions and private collections. We shall be hosting de Wit's first exhibition in the UK in 2010.


Pencil Poem #1 (2009)
Pastel and pencil on paper
45 x 100cm

Labyrinth of Skin

News posted on 3 August 2009

The British poet Andrew Staniland has written an extraordinary response to a work by Paul Reid entitled A Minotaur (2009).

Please follow the link here.

Gone To Earth exhibition extension / Paul Reid joins Isis Gallery

News posted on 16 June 2009

The current group exhibition Gone To Earth will be extended for a further two weeks until Saturday June 27th. This exhibition features work by Sarah Lucas, Derek Jarman and Samuel Palmer amongst others.

Installation image
work by Sarah Lucas (sculpture on left)
and Derek Hyatt (paintings on wall)

We are also extremely pleased to announce that the Scottish painter Paul Reid will be exhibiting with Isis Gallery in London. Dates to be announced.

"Since he burst on to the British art scene three years ago, shaking up received notions of what contemporary art was about, Paul Reid has been gathering a loyal audience with his unique take on the apparently redundant tradition of neo-classical painting. Yet he has also made as many people wish he would go away. His art is unlike anything else you will see on the contemporary scene."
Iain Gale Scotland on Sunday, 30th January 2005

Reid's extraordinary works are so out of kilter with the current herd of post-Kippenberger Philip Guston vs Terry Richardson Dumas/Tuymans copyists that his crafted explorations of myth, drama, composition and process seem positively anarchic.

Theseus and the Minotaur (Version 1) 2006
Oil on canvas
71.1 x 81.3cm

» For more information on Paul Reid click here.

Isis Gallery presents: Gone to Earth

News posted on 24 April 2009
an idiosyncratic survey of artistic responses to 'land', 'landscape' and 'the landscape'.

2nd May - 13th June 2009

Adam Chodzko Derek Jarman Fabrice Cazenave Sarah Lucas Samuel Palmer Alan Kane
Jamie Reid Derek Hyatt Eric Geddes

He moved out now into the middle of the road and surveyed the landscape. As he did so, two very distinct and contradictory odours assailed his nostrils. There were no houses across the way, nothing but a foul-smelling ditch, the receptacle of sewage from an adjoining pig-yard: and beyond that an enormously high hedge, on the top of which, where no child could reach, grew clumps of honeysuckle and sprays of wild roses.

Wolf Solent (1929)
John Cowper Powys

If the Romantic movement developed through disillusion after the bloody horror of revolution, it follows that this rush to the Liberty of Eden was a very British, post-Enlightenment sanctuary search for those wealthy enough to perhaps have seen the Great terror firsthand or to have the time and energy to read and discuss the issues of the day. For those less fortunate, this rural idyll was harsh and brutal, cold, depressing, desperate, impoverished and isolating...

» More about Gone to Earth

6 Eyes

News posted on 8 April 2009

We are very pleased to announce the opening of 6 Eyes at Galerie du Jour Agnes B. This exhibition has been organised in collaboration with Isis Gallery and includes works by Antony, Peter Hujar, Alice O'Malley, Kiki Smith, Barbara Cummard, James Elaine and William Basinski.

Details as below.


Jamie Reid - Onwards and Upwards (Universal Majesty Verity Love Infinite)

News posted on 10 March 2009

March 24th - April 25th 2009

For four weeks Isis Gallery will be the home of the Jamie Reid archive for the purpose of research, documentation and exploration as a major new monograph on this most iconic of artists is prepared.


Untitled (To Summon From Unkown Depths/Flying Blue Imp) (1970)
Ink and Gouache on paper,117mm x 132mm

Those interested to see the archive should call the gallery on 020 7636 7222 to arrange a suitable time as usual opening hours will not be observed during this period. Please also note that this will not be a static exhibition but rather an evolving, revolving installation.


When The Earth Had Many Moons (1985)
Unique screenprint, 270mm x 350mm

Isis Gallery presents: Antony - The Creek

News posted on 23 December 2008

January 17th - February 28th 2009

Mountains and the Sea (2007)
48" x 71" C Print
(primary materials -newsprint, ink)

Isis Gallery is extremely proud to present The Creek - the first exhibition in the UK of artworks by the renowned singer Antony.

Antony's artworks open up dream landscapes: often fragmentary in appearance, these images map his dreams and liminal states; polymorphic realms give way to indicated spirits; pen marks and scratches conjure archetypes and invite conscious and unconscious visions to emerge.

The primary elements go through many stages - drawn on, burned, soaked in the rain, thrown away and reclaimed, drawn on again, stained or dried over a fire. These are then arranged and photographed. The intimacy of this unique gallery space then heightens the focus and clarity of these private spells. Recalling the notebooks of William S. Burroughs and Antonin Artaud, Antony's works describe the arc of a dream atlas in which each diverse aspect is unified through the desire for healing.

For his work in this exhibition, Antony has collaborated with performance artist Johanna Constantine, model Dr. Julia Yasuda Ph.D, photographer Don Felix Cervantes, and artistic advisor Joie Iacono.

For press enquiries please contact John Marchant - john@isisgallery.org

» More about The Creek

» Antony's biography

Isis Editions presents Some Gnostic Cartoons by David Tibet

News posted on 26 November 2008

Isis Editions is delighted to announce the publication of Some Gnostic Cartoons, the catalogue for David Tibet's exhibition - Invocation of Hallucinatory Mountain (Some Gnostic Cartoons).

• Bound in maroon cloth with copper blocking to front cover and spine
• Printed endpapers with black/white painting by David Tibet
• 84 pages long
• 32 colour plates printed on gloss art paper
• Introduction by David Tibet

In addition, Michel Faber, author of The Crimson Petal and the White amongst many other books, and Tod Wodicka, author of All Shall be well, and All Shall be Well, and All Manner of Things Shall be Well have respectively written a Foreword and Afterword to the volume.

» For more information and to purchase, visit Isis Editions

David Tibet - INVOCATION OF HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAlN (Some Gnostic Cartoons)

News posted on 19 November 2008

Birth Canal Blue, 2007
Pastel on paper, 297x210mm

Recent works on paper inspired by Apocryphal, Gnostic and Hallucinatory scriptures.

Private view: Friday 28th November 2008 6pm-8pm

29th November - 10th Jan 2009
11am-6pm Tuesday to Saturday

For INVOCATION OF HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAlN (Some Gnostic Cartoons), David Tibet will install a beguiling cycle of recent works on paper that have sprung from his intense study of scriptural and apocryphal Gnostic and Christian texts in the Coptic language as well as from his joyous exploration of the Canon of Apocalyptic Cartoons.

David Tibet's visionary drawings are those of the artist as scribe illuminating the contours and spaces of our shared spirit worlds. Tibet's work is profoundly magical in intention and it portrays and describes the dimensions of hallucinatory bodies and their worlds, where writing and image are both fluid and entwined. His drawings are child-like, playful and comical, as he continues his colouring in of the universes. In these spaces the hierarchy of human, animal and spirit forms is dissolved: masks dream of planets and grin at moons.

The imaginative world that Tibet gives form to is one in which writing and speech are divine, full of promises and threats. This investigation of word and form is rooted in his studies of the Coptic language, as well as in readings of ecstatic canonical and non-canonical Christian texts. However, these ideas are filtered through a uniquely English sensibility that places him in the tradition of such diverse figures as Enid Blyton, Aleister Crowley and Louis Wain. His idiosyncratic and passionate work shines an inmost light on the pleasures and horrors of the divine comedy that we all inhabit.

» More about INVOCATION OF HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAlN (Some Gnostic Cartoons)

» David Tibet's biography

Simon Fisher Turner: "In A Pure Land" limited 12" vinyl edition

News posted on 15 October 2008

In celebration and response to the popular group show In A Pure Land at Isis Gallery (Nayland Blake, Martin Griffiths and Alyson Shotz) we are thrilled to announce the release on Isis Editions of musical counterpoints to the works of the three artists by world renowned composer and musician Simon Fisher Turner.

Simon Fisher Turner is probably best known for his collaborative work with Derek Jarman on the films Caravaggio, Edward II, The Garden and Blue. A more extensive biography can be found here.

These three pieces are released as a limited edition clear vinyl text-free 12" on Isis Editions. Edition size: 333 copies. Cost £10 plus p&p. Please follow the link below for sound clips and to order. The 12" will be exclusively available from Isis Editions and Touch.

Additionally, due to popular response to In A Pure Land, this exhibition will now be extended to November 8th.

» Purchase the limited 12" edition at Isis Editions

» Purchase the limited 12" edition via the Touch Shop

» In A Pure Land

In A Pure Land - an exhibition of new sculpture

News posted on 2 September 2008

In A Pure Land: group sculpture show featuring works by Nayland Blake, Martin Griffiths and Alyson Shotz.

Alyson Shotz - Luminous Harmonic, 2008 (detail)

Private view: 6-8pm, 12th September 2008
13th September - 25th September 2008

In a time of communal unease, bad news, moral panic and government-induced fear, an invaluable role of the Arts is to uplift the spirit.

“It is simply a weakness of thinking in which one indulges when one assumes the existence of rigid, eternal atoms. What we find when our thinking deals with reality is that all material is perpetually dissolved right through into nothingness. People only speak of material constancy because as material perishes new material incessantly arises.Where material perishes in the human being, becomes appearance and then new material arises, that is where the possibility of freedom is situated and that is where the possibility of love is situated. Freedom and love belong together.”
Rudolph Steiner, 19th December 1920


In A Pure Land Isis Gallery, London installation 2008

Jamie Reid and Comme des Garçons

News posted on 21 July 2008

Isis is extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Jamie Reid/Rei Kawakubo collaboration for Comme des Garçons.

The Autumn/Winter 08 menswear collection is entitled Time For Magic after Jamie Reid’s eponymous work from 1995, and features images and text-based works from 1972 to the present. This collection was previewed in Paris in January and has just been launched worldwide.

As a special project Comme des Garçons commissioned Jamie to create a special work for their flagship store in London – Dover Street Market.

This work features a multiplicity of images from Jamie’s archive plus revisited works from the Time For Magic collection; pasted, over-pasted, torn and repositioned in a manner that is beautiful, arresting and startling to encounter in the pristine environs of Mayfair.

This collaboration has been project-managed by Isis Gallery.

Click here for further images of the collection, the Dover Street Market window installation and a video of the January 2008 catwalk show.

Time For Magic indeed!

ps. Ruth Marten’s work can also be seen at IT group’s exhibition of Comme des Garçons imagery in the 798 district of Beijing. Visit www.hypebeast.com for more information.

» Jamie Reid and Comme des Garçons: images and video

» Dover Street Market

Isis Editions presents Community of Elsewheres by Alice O'Malley

News posted on 17 July 2008

On the occasion of Alice O'Malley's beautiful first exhibition in London, Isis Editions presents 'Community of Elsewheres' (48 page, 18 plate, hardback) in a signed, limited edition of 500. Also available, 'Christopher (floor)', NYC 2000, 10" x 8" silver gelatine print, titled, signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 40. Visit the Isis Editions section to purchase online.

» Isis Editions

Alice O'Malley

News posted on 6 June 2008

"...startling, exciting, and memorable. This could be the start of something big."
Vince Aletti, New Yorker

Isis Gallery is proud to announce the opening of Alice O'Malley's Community of Elsewheres, running from June 14th to July 26th 2008.

"O'Malley's formal studio portraits of artists, performers, and friends depict untraditional people, whose defiant presence counterbalances the increasing obsolescence of such individuals currently being witnessed in New York City today. The Lower East Side has long been a place in which art and the avant-garde function as integral parts of urban life. O'Malley's portraits provide an intimate look at the people who give it this character."
Lia Gangitano, Participant Inc, NYC

This is Alice's first exhibition outside the US.

Isis Editions will also be publishing 'Community of Elsewheres' (48pp, hardback) in a signed, limited edition of 500 on the occasion of this exhibition.

» More about Alice O'Malley

» More about Community of Elsewheres

» Isis Editions

Ruth Marten

News posted on 28 March 2008

Isis Gallery is extremely proud to announce the opening of Histoire Un-Naturelle by Ruth Marten on the 26th April 2008. For her latest body of work Marten's embellished recombinants of 17th and 18th century engravings seamlessly weave radical alterations, subtle visual humour and ecstatic fantasy into delirious social landscapes.

Isis Editions will also be publishing 'Histoire Un-Naturelle' on the occasion of this exhibition, featuring plates hand coloured by the artist.

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» More about Histoire Un-Naturelle

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