Martin Griffiths

"In recent years, I have been drawn towards paintings which celebrate transparency and are free of content because it is important to connect with the substrate of ideas – nature. As the nature of the universe is subtle, and the intellect is non-subtle, it is necessary to connect with the universe at the subtle level – through the energy of nature. Our subtle attention can extend out to external nature or inwards to nature within. I felt the challenge was to create a painting with both centripetal and centrifugal aspects. At this time, my paintings moved away from the wall and became freestanding works. I felt they should mirror the subtle axis within our body and so these structures – all of them – have a lateral symmetry spanning a vertical axis. These dual-faced works absorb and radiate light on opposing planes. In this way, they correspond to a human being’s metaphysical dimension. By absorbing and then concentrating light from the sun into radiant is connected to the energy of nature and from this a range of uplifting, subtle experiences flows. lines of light, these works generate a charge which resonates with the subtle axis of the body – the viewer."

Martin Griffiths, November 2011

Martin Griffiths’ explorations into the unseen universe are only tangentially sculptural. After many years extending the possibilities of the painted surface, the move into more dimensions has resulted in new works that somehow sidestep the more acceptable questions and answers of contemporary artistic practice. Instead of cultural critique or sensual aggravation, Griffiths has instead opted to confront much more profound areas of metaphysical thinking, such as the nature of our existence in relation to other entities, the very perception of ‘reality’, the refutation of self-nature and it’s relationship with action and consequence.

In the physical expression of these explorations, Griffths’ pieces are designed to use the power of Light (as an energy source) to stimulate our subtle energy channels and centres to induce profound calm and create a space for development of our personal relationship with Universal Consciousness.

Professing an appreciation of the works of Brückner, Simone Weil and Meister Eckhardt amongst others, Griffths’ works take us into unusual territory for a contemporary artist. The exploration of our relationships with Light, Space and Time are of course perennial subjects for Art, but Griffiths works a field more common for the Yantra artist of Hindu tradition than Anglo-Saxon, but somehow from the contemplative expanses of the Lincolnshire coastline, Griffiths works take us within to unfamiliar but essential axes of our very being.

On a baser level, our responses to Griffths' work may include amazement and joy. Under certain conditions, it becomes hard for us to conceptualise what we see. Is that a floating flourescing light amongst the grass? Where is the edge? Where is the power source? Equally stunning in the confines of the gallery or the more vibrant wilds of nature, Griffiths’ works are produced and engineered in collaboration with others to an extraordinary standard of precision.


DB4-LW10, 2008
Glass and acrylic, 400 x 400 x 400mm
© Martin Griffiths

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