Sarah V.

The mark of the artist may communicate most effectively when the conscious will of the mind is allowed to become subservient to the heart, allowing the work to emerge from the surface of the paper or canvas with the merest assistance. Sarah V’s exquisite drawings, paintings and engravings are informed by a tradition of ‘pure psychic automatism’ in the vein of Masson and Breton. Intuition, chance and acceptance play a strong role. She may offer up a work despite feeling it has not fulfilled her wishes, saying that it is as relevant as those she feels more successful and is seemingly complete when it enters the heart of the viewer and speaks in it’s own language, whatever that may be. Indeed Sarah V’s work with Louise Bourgeois confirms her position – the dream, the psyche and the automatic gesture seem to break free from the hidden depths of the paper or canvas in whispers and traces through bouts of mediumistic coaxing.

Sarah V lives and works in Paris. She has exhibited across Europe since 1993.


Tarahumaras, 2008
Ink on paper, 297x210mm

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