Alan Suicide Vega - In Discussion with Isis Gallery, May 2010

The following film was made with Alan Vega earlier this year during a short stay in London to perform with Suicide and Iggy & The Stooges. We are planning to host Alan's very first exhibition in the UK after a very successful if sporadic career as a visual artist stretching back forty years. Alan has exhibited his beautiful light sculptures, drawings and constructions with some of the most important and influential galleries in NYC - OK Harris/Ivan Karp, Barbara Gladstone and Deitch Projects. This exhibition is now planned for May 2011.

Alan continues to forage the streets of the city for sculptural elements to his works, echoing both Minimalist explorations of colour and the obsessive clusterings of the enigmatic Philadelphia Wireman.

You can visit Alan's website here, and take a virtual tour of last year's major retrospective at Lyon's Musée d'Art Contemporain here.

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