Critical responses to Voodoo Science Park

Critics on Voodoo Science Park

“Combining compelling archive with contemporary footage of the Health and Safety Laboratory in the Peak District, Derbyshire, Halford and Beard's Voodoo Science Park summons the poetic and political archetypes of Leviathan, Albion and Gogmagog in order to anatomise the powers of accident, reenactment, sacrifice, punishment, artificial life, magic, sleep and civil war in the state of Britain. Part video-essay, video-poem and video-guide, Voodoo Science Park is a vivid and erudite conjuration that redreams the history of our present with a passion and a purpose that is entirely visionary.”       
Kodwo Eshun, The Otolith Group

“Working with the government laboratories and workshops at the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) in the Peak District, where accidents are reconstructed to determine their cause, Halford and Beard videoed the surrounding landscape and mined the institutional archive to highlight the contrast between the visible and the unknowable, effect and cause.”
Sally O’Reilly, Art Critic and Curator

“Here maverick theorist Steve Beard, working with Victoria Halford, fashions a fascinating, Keiller-esque meditation on Hobbes’s Leviathan, the covert geographies of Albion and post-Ballardian crash theory.”
Sukhdev Sandhu, Film Critic

“Voodoo Science Park convincingly demonstrates that history is only ever rewritten and that there can consequently be little room for ‘accidents’ in any of our accepted historical accounts. If this text overturns all orthodox readings of the documented past, it does so simply in the name of prophecy, the authors being bold enough to let the existing state of affairs speak for itself. Such eloquent restraint is extremely rare, extracting a simple yet undeniable poetry from the unearthing of connections between events. Through this gently persistent accumulation of facts, an enigmatic half-hidden landscape is gradually transformed into the starkest of mythologies.”
Ken Hollings, Cultural Critic

“Voodoo Science Park’s synthesis of fiction and non-fiction is so subtle that it is perhaps the best example yet of what the Italian fiction collective Wu Ming call an “unidentified narrative object”; something that might be crudely understood as docu-fiction. Both the film and text accompanying Voodoo Science Park extend the range and depth of a specifically English psychogeography.”
Stewart Home, Writer and Artist

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