Fabrice Cazenave - Artist Statement

The following Artist statement is direct from Fabrice, retaining what may be grammatical imperfections, but somehow conveying his thoughts perfectly well.

'My work questions the perception of reality or how the spirit deforms it,
alien to render it more managable or more conformed to our desires.
A work therefore based on perception. All the senses are solicited to discover a new line: firm, nervous, sinuous, rapid and precise.
A quality of drawing that comes from a feeling. A form of transcription that no longer essentially passes through the eyes.
The touch, the sound, the smell and sometimes the taste are sollicited. The Invocations series (2009), Blind landscapes (2009) or also Anatomies (2009 - 2010)
each use this process to various degrees. My drawing, even if it might seem as if it has exploded or has come out of anarchy, possibly taking form through a certain automatism- is in fact very controlled, rigorous and detailed. It is always founded on a certain truth of experience. On the expression of emotion or feeling.
Drawing is not a tool that represents a motif. I allow it to become a representation that confronts the motif itself, thus creating tension.
A vibrating impression, instability that seeps from my work as if the drawing itself knew that nothing is definitive nor immobile.
Materials are too labile. I only try to capture a few movements. I apprehend the drawing from the "inside" of the body.
The hand is driven by the internal sensations of muscles, articulations, psychological flux, energy currents, pleasure or pain,
and sometimes it responds to exterior stimuli. It's a state of consciousness that is elevated on interior or exterior micro events of the body. Precise and delicate cognitive experiences.'

Fabrice Cazenave, September 2010, Paris


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