Home Is Where the Buffalo Roam - Video work (1996)

This video work by Martin Erik Andersen (1964) was produced on Super 8 in 1996, adhering to a few simple rules.

As it is unusual for an artist to discuss the process of production in such clarity we felt it interesting to include these rules with the film.


The Super 8 was made with a few rules:

1. the duration was limited to the length of the film cartridge - ca 3600 frames (lost some frames at the begining and end).
2. only single shots, no cutting.
3. only shots from the apartment in which I lived.
4. no repeating of the same view.
5. I had to look in the viewfinder, finding the view beautiful.
6. I didn't have to focus.

The Super 8 was made in 1996, and aesthetically became the starting point of the pc/video material which now is an ongoing part of my installations.
The sound on the digitally remastered video/super 8 is a manual replaying, with my finger, of an LP of Serbian folk music. The manual replay made the music out of tune and tempo, and made it sound kind of like Danish folk music !
Martin Erik Andersen (2010)


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