In A Pure Land: artist statements

“Imagine a human being who is not affected in any way by external events, nor by circumstances, but who always and everywhere radiates a pure and unconditional love for the whole of humanity and the light of whose inner humanity is always experienced by those around him.

The age when works of art are experienced as external objects is passing. Art in our times will come to be imperienced from within. It will speak to the interior life of man and will give palpable resonances within the human heart.

Awareness will increase that the true human condition of our human plurality is perhaps most beautifully expressed in the pure and harmonious mathematical concept, a statement of love, that the largest number is One.”
Martin Griffiths, 2008

“Picturing the invisible.. much of my work is about trying to achieve this. How do we picture what we are unable to see; how do we visualize it. For the past few years, I have been focused on trying to convey space and its mysteries through my work.  I consider space to be one of the primary materials a sculptor can make use of besides mass, form and line. I have been attempting to visualize, through my sculpture, what a extra dimensional space might look like.  I believe it is crucial to understand what space might actually be like, as opposed to what we think it is, based on what we can see and feel in normal experience.”
Alyson Shotz, 2008

No comment.
Nayland Blake, 2008

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