Martin Griffiths' First Light

10 February 2011

We are extremely pleased to announce the opening on March 1st of Martin Griffiths' First Light installation at Lincoln Cathedral.


First Light installation view at the Cloisters, Lincoln Cathedral 2011

Meticulously conceived and precision engineered to very fine tolerances, First Light will be Griffiths most ambitious sculptural work to date, both in terms of scale and aesthetic reach. Martin describes the project thus: ' First Light, a new eight piece light sculpture installation sourced by natural energy, has been inspired by the beautiful Cloister at Lincoln Cathedral, and by the aspirations of the original cathedral builders. Emerging naturally from the form, dimensions and rhythms of the architecture, it extends these into the medium of light.

The work presents contemplative encounters with the horizontal and vertical directions of space in a composition or radiant light-lines which is intended to build, like a piece of music, to a culminating experience of light, taking the viewer through a progression of metaphysical states: introspection, ascension and expansive outward focus.

This movement of focus is accompanied by a journey of upwardly de-materialising light effects. In passing through and circulating amongst the elements of the installation, the viewer will experience firstly absorbed light, then reflected and transparent-tinted light, and finally pure transmitted light.

As natural light flows through the work, it will give different experiences at different times of day, lighting up at sunrise and extinguishing itself at sunset.'

You can read more about the conception and development of this project by reading Martin's diary entries and viewing photographs and engineering drawings here.

Visiting hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm. Sunday 1pm-3pm. Admission is included within the Cathedral entry charge.

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