In A Pure Land - an exhibition of new sculpture

2 September 2008

In A Pure Land: group sculpture show featuring works by Nayland Blake, Martin Griffiths and Alyson Shotz.

Alyson Shotz - Luminous Harmonic, 2008 (detail)

Private view: 6-8pm, 12th September 2008
13th September - 25th September 2008

In a time of communal unease, bad news, moral panic and government-induced fear, an invaluable role of the Arts is to uplift the spirit.

“It is simply a weakness of thinking in which one indulges when one assumes the existence of rigid, eternal atoms. What we find when our thinking deals with reality is that all material is perpetually dissolved right through into nothingness. People only speak of material constancy because as material perishes new material incessantly arises.Where material perishes in the human being, becomes appearance and then new material arises, that is where the possibility of freedom is situated and that is where the possibility of love is situated. Freedom and love belong together.”
Rudolph Steiner, 19th December 1920


In A Pure Land Isis Gallery, London installation 2008

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