The Veil - New work by Martin Erik Andersen and Paul Reid

4 November 2009

Isis Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new space and a new exhibition – The Veil - an exhibition of new work by Paul Reid and Martin Erik Andersen. The exhibition opens on November 20th 2009 from 6-9pm and will be on public view from November 21st to December 19th 2009.

For his first exhibition with Isis, Scottish artist Paul Reid (1975) will show a body of new paintings which are a continuation of his exploration of myth and classicist technique with graphite, ink and oil paint.

Also exhibiting with Isis for the first time, Danish artist Martin Erik Andersen (1964) will exhibit two recent works which expand his well-established language and process of accretion – yarn, metal, electrical elements, paper...

The Veil refers to the veil of consciousness which needs to be drawn back to see the true Meaning of Things beyond conception. The apparent differences between Reid and Andersen are stark. Reid’s works are a fascinating exploration of nominally obselete sacred narrative and technique. In the vernacular of contemporary art, Reid’s objectives in this timely display of painterly skill may remain a mystery to the viewer.

In contrast, the materiality of Andersen’s work resonates within our own time – spatial, artful and poetic. Yet, of course there are narratives to be discovered in Andersen’s works also - there are multiple moments to be encountered which create layered and polyvalent spaces for meaning. They point beyond language and to a space that exists beyond formal register of the works themselves.

In exhibiting Reid’s and Andersen’s work together The Veil performs an act of alchemical conjunction. On the surface the radical visual dissimilarity between each artist’s work makes them appear strange and uneasy bedfellows. However, The Veil focuses on the antinomies and incongruities that lie behind and unite these two seemingly diverse artistic practices. It offers an opportunity to see and understand how artistic meaning is generated and approached. It is precisely this question that is revealed when the veil of forms and material things is pulled back.

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