Antony - The Creek

January 17th - February 28th 2009

Isis gallery is extremely proud to present The Creek - the first exhibition in the UK of artworks by the internationally renowned Antony

Antony's artworks open up landscapes that are at once otherworldly and confessional. Often fragmentary in appearance, these images map the his dreams and liminal states; polymorphic realms give way to indicated spirits; pen marks and scratches conjure archetypes and invite the fear and grace of the unconscious to emerge.

The primary elements go through many stages - drawn on, burned, soaked in the rain, thrown away and reclaimed, drawn on again, stained or dried over a fire. These are then arranged and photographed. The intimacy of this unique gallery space then heightens the focus and clarity of these spells.

Recalling the notebooks of William S. Burroughs and Antonin Artaud, Antony’s works employ a transgender intervention to readjust the colonial topography of the American Dream, seeking to identify a sense of crisis, morality and truth upon which a path forward can be forged. Taken as a whole, these collages and drawings describe the arc of a dream atlas in which each diverse aspect is unified through the desire for healing.

The Creek (2007)
C Print 48” x 50”
(primary materials - vintage photoprint on card, ink)

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