Time For Magic: Jamie Reid


Time For Magic: Jamie Reid
Public opening Summer Solstice
21st June 3pm - 7pm
Isis Gallery at Regency Town House, Brighton
21st June - 6th July
Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm

Isis Gallery is very pleased and proud to present at the Regency Town House in Brighton a new installation of work by the world renowned British artist Jamie Reid (b.Croydon, 1947). Time For Magic features ritualistic hangings and objects arranged around a tipi - a shelter, a community space, a condensed Temporary Autonomous Zone. Within the tipi sits the Eight Fold Year book, an instruction manual and guide to the mysterium. Including work from the late 80’s to the present, Time For Magic sits within a sequence of installations by Reid that combine the old and the new, ignoring the rules of ‘market’ and the need for fresh product. Certain totemic hangings - including Universal Majesty Verity Love Infinite (1989, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 234 x 237 cm) - have been used both in rituals and exhibitions, attesting to their power and gaining energy as they accumulate age.

Central to the installation however are the function and tools of cleansing and nurturing rituals that refer both to Reid’s work with the Visual Stress performative art group based in Liverpool in the 90’s and the development of Brunswick Square itself, much of which was funded from plantation profits and compensation following the abolishment of slavery (Visual Stress performed vimbuza rituals around Liverpool to counter the negative energies accumulated through historical and geographic connections with the slave trade). Time For Magic also features work on slate, glass receivers and a number of loosely painted canvases that are the product of more automatic processes, trans-temporal geographies and altered states, reminding us that visions are indeed everywhere.

Reid continues to champion the people, the 99%. Recent work in support of the Occupy movement, the Free Pussy Riot campaign and now the anti-fracking movement has built on a reputation strengthened in the 90’s with his allegiance to the Reclaim The Streets and Anti-Criminal Justice Bill campaigns. We are at an astonishing moment in the history of Capitalism when not only the people but the economists sense that something has to give. It is time for change. TIME FOR MAGIC!

Ragged Kingdom: The Incomplete Works of Jamie Reid at Galleria Civica di Modena September 12th 2014 - January 6th 2015

For more information and press requests please contact John Marchant at john@isisgallery.org or (44) 07906275098
Isis Gallery at Regency Town House, 13 Brunswick Square, Brighton BN3 1EH

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