Victoria Halford and Steve Beard

Rogue materials manifest from Voodoo Science Park (2009)


Tommy Hobbes Veve
Influenced by the Haitian veves documented by Maya Deren. The diagram models a kind of dialectical machine which creates a double negation in order to deliver modernity from medievalism (at the expense of a vanishing middle term). Seen by the artists as the historical position occupied by Hobbes.

The diagram also represents the hearth of the Giants Chamber in the Peak District's Hardwick Old Hall, where Hobbes worked. There are two sets of windows flanking a fireplace, whose mantlepiece sports effigies of the twin giants Gog and Magog.


Leviathan Veve
This is a pictographic version of Hobbes' own schema for the state, which he designed as a frontispiece for his book Leviathan.


Gogmagog Veve
A pictographic version of William Blake's print of the conjuring of Gogmamgog (called "Rintrah" in his own mythology).


Tommyknockers Veve
A sketch of the kind of underground "holey space" (as characterised by the philosophers Deleuze and Guattari) inhabited by Tommyknockers (ie the sonic familiars of miners worldwide).


Albion Cosmogram
This combines the 3 veves of Leviathan, Gogmagog and the Tommyknockers to produce a cosmogram of Albion, Blake's symbol of archaic humankind. The 3 elements very loosely resonate with mythographer Georges Dumezil's "trifunctional hypothesis" concerning prehistoric societies.


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